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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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men, three colonels, and a Spanish grandee2. We conclude it is true, for the Neapolitan Majesty3 mentioned it at dinner. We are going thither in about a week, to wish him joy of it too. 'Tis with some apprehensions we go too, of having a Pope chosen in the interim: that would be cruel, you know. But, thank our stars, there is no great probability of it. Feuds and contentions run high among the eminences. A notable one happened this week. Cardinal Zinzendorff4 and two more had given their votes for the general of the Capucins: he is of the Barberini family, not a cardinal, but a worthy man. Not effecting anything, Zinzendorff voted for Coscia5, and declared it publicly. Cardinal Petra6 reproved him ; but the German replied, he thought Coscia as fit to be Pope as any of them. It seems, his pique to the whole body is, their having denied a daily admission of a pig into the Conclave for his Eminence's use ; who, being much troubled with the gout, was ordered by his mother to bathe his leg in pig's blood every morning.
Who should have a vote t'other day but the Cardinalino of Toledo7? Were he older, the Queen of Spain might possibly procure more than one for him, though scarcely enough.
LETTER 29.—x Admiral   Nicholas Haddock (1686-1746).
2  An exaggerated report—Admiral Haddock had merely captured two Spanish   transports   with   soldiers from Majorca.    (Gent. Mag.,  1740. p. 199.)
3  Charles, King  of Naples, succeeded his brother as King of Spain in 1759.
4  Bishop of Etesian.
6 'MinistresousBenoitXnL.digne delapotence; condamn6 a tine prison
perpe"tuelle au chateau St. Ange, oii il so trouve a merveille, dit-on, parce qu'il ne lui en coute rien et qu'il amasse de 1'argent.' (De Brosses.)
5 ' Grand pe'nitencier, vieux rado-teur. 11 croit qu'il sera pape, et le croit tout seul.' (De Brosses.)
7 Louis, son of Philip V of Spain by his second wife, Elizabeth Earnese. He was Archbishop of Toledo, and was made a Cardinal (1735) at the age of eight.